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Angels Overhead

A Book of Inspirational Photographs and Angelic Wisdom

  We have all directed our gaze into the sky, enjoying the peace and solitude of nature, anticipating to see the shape of something in the clouds.  Cheryl Simpson started seeing angels more that 20 years ago and has been recording their images ever since.  She feels that if it looks like an angel it more than likely is one, waiting to see who will notice them hovering above.

Not long after she started collecting these photos she was drawn to automatic writing, a method of asking a question of ones' angels, guides or God and receiving an answer.  Often, not having a particular question in mind, she would just ask what they had to say.  The messages were always uplifting and imparted pertinent angelic wisdom.  

Angels Overhead is a collection of photographs of some of these angel formations and several of the angels' messages and poems.  They show themselves to make us aware of their presence, to affirm we are always loved, protected and guided. We only have to ask for what we need and be patient for our wish to be answered in whatever form our Creator has chosen to deliver it, on the wings of angels.  

  NOTE: The book is available at the shop in Sugar Loaf and, and in hardcover, paperback and an ebook. It makes a great Christmas gift for those that have everything, those that love looking in the clouds and those that need healing.  The messages are very eye opening.  The angels tend to look at things from a different angle and we end up saying "Oh,I never thought about it that way."

The second book, a children's book for 7 to 107 is now available at, and and at the shop.


Grandfather Pine and His Special Place

Book One - Spring

Grandfather Pine is the oldest and tallest tree in the yard and he is so excited spring has come and all of his friends are back.His friend Fredrick DeNapoli tells the story of how Grandfather protects, guides, and teaches all who dwell here in this special place why they must care for it. Learn how the fairies and gnomes, Etweena and Sassy and their many friends pitch in to clean up after the long winter and what is on Grandfather's agenda this year. Be ready for some unexpected events that threaten all of them! Then live the excitement seeing who wins the races and contests during the celebration of the Spring Equinox!

NOTE: This is a book for ages 8 to 108. It may entice you to look in your own backyard with different eyes!  These are all real photos as well that will also leave you thinking a little differently.